About me

Voracious reader, rider of challenges, researcher of lightness.

About me

Eclectic. Curious. Precise.

My very inner core can be summarised in those three words. After having spent years wandering among my many passions, tormenting myself about the impossibility of finding a clear direction to my path, I finally bumped into a method that helped me making room inside and organising my inner mess.

And I made it a job.

Knowing and using the tools of Coaching with NLP, generative coaching and the power of the hypnotic language took me out of my personal "dark wood” and made me able to help people that have come to me for a hint, a help or advice from that moment on.

In my everyday life I enjoy being in class with my students, singing, reading and doing yoga: that’s all a part of me and everything inspires my work as a Coach!

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