Team building

Team Building

Colleagues, groups and family: whatever your team is, I can’t wait to meet you!

Team building

We’re so focused on improving ourselves, our skills and knowledge or our effectiveness at work (or at school) that we forget there are colleagues, partners and chiefs all around us!

Working on ourself is the fundamental starting point, yet it is only a part of making things actually work; at work such as in life we’re surrounded by “others”, and our results often depend on how we cooperate and interact with them.

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”, that’s another African saying, and that’s really true! A team made of excellent people doesn’t automatically work in an excellent way!

Living shared experiences and single and group activities, you can improve your communication skills reaching many different people at the same time, learning how to merge your point of view in a wider view; increasing empathy and complicity is the best booster for business and working groups!

Who needs team building?

  • Teachers to improve classroom dynamics and teaching effectiveness
  • Managers to get to know better their team and make the most of everyone
  • Start ups to increase cooperation and creativity beyond rivalry
  • Freelancers to bridge the gap between them and the clients or coworkers
  • Families to reach a better understanding and meaningful dialogue

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