At the office, in the open air or over a drink: my coaching follows no pattern!


The Coaching path is short by its very nature: you need few meetings at a frequency that coach and coachee decide together.
Meetings or sessions are the means we use to know each other and work together, rephrasing some believes and focusing your attention on what really matters to you: you’ll do the hard work between the meetings, letting your mind unleashing your potential!

You have 2 ways:

  • One to one live > 60 minute sessions somewhere we arrange (my studio, a city park, a yoga room...)
  • One to one online > 60 minute sessions on a platform

Before we decide if we can work together, let’s set a meeting of about 30 min (live or online) to know each others, set goals and timing!

You just need the desire to collaborate and the curiosity to get involved!!

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